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Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Leeds Dining: The Agora

I'm not very talented when it comes to time-keeping. More specifically, I have a habit of underestimating how long certain journeys will take me. And so, on Monday night, I sped from North to West Yorkshire and proceeded to gallivant across to Ilkley and then back to Headingley. It was stressful, sweaty, and of course, I was late. (Prospective employers, I'm not tardy for jobs! I promise)

I arrive at The Agora, stomach-rumbling and purse a little lighter from train and taxi fares, to meet Fu and Jess for some good Greek/Turkish grub. 

The decor's light and bright and breezy. It's got a really cosy feel. We sit in a booth by the window and gaze at the passerbys - students with shopping bags, young professionals, older locals. Headingley's a hive of activity. Looking out onto the dark Autumn night feels like when you're comfy inside during snowfall. We nestle in, and set about catching up. 

Fu and Jess are my lovely friends from Brighton. Jess is in her fourth year of uni here and Fu's on a pitstop before going to her Granny's in Guiseley. It's so nice to see them!

Because I'm late, and because they know how much I love prawns, they order my starter for me. At 12.95 for two courses Sunday-Thursday, it'd be rude not to take advantage of the culinary delights.

The sauce is really yummy, nice and creamy. The dish is like European soul food. 

Fu has the Greek salad. A classic. Other starters on offer include calamari, falafel, and lamb keftedes.

For my main, I order the Chicken Hydra which is chicken cubes cooked with white wine, fresh cream, mushrooms, onions & mustard. The poppadom crisps are a nice touch. It's a similar sauce to my starter, but what can I say, I'm hooked. I think the portion sizes here are on point - not too big but still enough to make me feel like I need to be rolled home.

Jess and Fu share the salmon dish and the veggie moussaka. They give them both glowing reviews.

I would definitely recommend The Agora. The food is really delicious, the ambience is relaxing. Sitting in the booth, I feel like we're eating five-star nosh in someone's upmarket living room - professional but with plenty of  laughter and wine glasses clinking. If you find yourself in Headingley, head to this restaurant. You won't regret it.

Take a peek here: http://www.theagora.co.uk/

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