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Saturday, October 4, 2014

Places to go in Yorkshire: Redcar

Come away with me for a little while. To a place that definitely needs some tender loving care. To a place that holds a grey-brick road that leads on down to the ocean. To a place where you can stand at the railings in your coat and your scarf and just breeeath.

Let's hop on a train from the landlocked green hills and head out to Redcar, to the nether regions of the North East. Let's walk through the quiet streets, cracked paint melting away to reveal the beige inner workings, past the cafes and the charity shops and the cars carrying tired looking passengers. 

Let's stroll past the derelict fish and chip shops, all the way to the shore. Wave hello to the waves and the white wind turbines blowing in the breeze. 

And then let's go home. Salt nestled in our noses,  we'll ride the tide back to the colours green and stone. It's been a fun day at the beach.

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